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StormGain is a cryptocurrency service provider which was founded in 2019, and trades under regulations in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines region. While it is not fully regulated in most countries, it has gained significant traction.

StormGain is available in 100 countries and has over 100,000 active users every day. It’s associated with soccer quite often, as its a sponsor of a Premier League team. In 2021, StormGain was featured in almost all leading online media publications that promote innovative investment services in the crypto market.

StormGain has 3 main functions – a cryptocurrency exchange, a trading platform, and a cryptocurrency wallet.

StormGain has a full-fledged decentralized exchange for almost every leading cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users can benefit from this best cryptocurrency exchange when leveraged for margin trading and investing. The desktop exchange platform offers a user-friendly experience that comes with a customizable dashboard where the user can browse and view all the rising and falling assets.

StormGain’s instant exchange has an easy process to buy crypto. It can simply use the credit card and allows users to buy digital currencies—most users like this super-quick purchase process by StormGain’s instant exchange. Moreover, the exchange is accessible 24/7 and has reasonable leverage to keep things affordable and cost-saving.
StormGain Trading Platform.

Compared to other trading platforms, StormGain offers some unique crypto trading features. Users can choose from 9 time-frames and enable their trades with the maximum computing advantage. Unlike other trading platforms, StormGain can provide access to multiple charting tools simultaneously. It can help users track trends and monitor price movements. The full-screen mode of the platform is also great to view all 40 of the technical indicators, which include third-party plugins from Stochastics and Ichimoku Cloud as well.

Currently, StormGain can trade more than twenty cryptocurrency assets – mostly the popular and better-known assets. Similar to Coinbase and other platforms, the users get the minimum deposit advantage on StormGain. This means that they can buy and hold coins at low prices and gain higher profits over time.

Stormgain has an easy-to-follow registration process, which doesn’t have as much KYC as other platforms.

StormGain enables commissions on crypto trading with a lucrative multiplier. The users can experience leveraged trading for up to 200 times their investment. The higher the investment, the better commissions and high leverage are offered.

Compared to most competitors, StormGain provides attractive commissions and high leverage for beginners. It is affordable to everyone. One should also be aware that this high leverage also leads to multiple losses.

The pricing options are also quite competitive. The trading fees are transparently displayed on the website. For crypto trading, the platform charges commissions and does not support the spreads. On average, every user has to pay for commissions on the USDT and BTC trading pairs in the range of 0.19% and 0.20%. This fee varies on exchange services, where it ranges from 0.095% to 0.25%.

Overall, StormGain is a great platform that is ideal for beginners. It introduces many features and terms within the crypto world, and even features a Cloud Miner.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on StormGain

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