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SnapEx is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to trade price movements by way of derivatives contracts. It is known for its accessible interface and is suitable for novice and experienced traders.

SnapEx was founded in 2018, and is owned by a Singapore-registered company. While traders have exposure to the crypto market, they do not purchase actual cryptos but trade price movements by way of derivatives contracts.

Traders buy and sell digital currency OTC or via derivatives contracts.

Like the regular market, on SnapEx users can enter into derivatives contracts to go long or short. This allows users to profit in both bull and bear markets.

There are more than 40 available cryptocurrencies available on SnapEx.

The platform also offers traders and investors the option to trade on margin, with leverage of between 10x and 150x. Traders can begin trading with as little as 5 USDT.

Users are also able to purchase cryptos using a credit card, while also able to deposit supported cryptos into allocated SnapEx wallets.

Withdrawals and deposits are limited to Bitcoin, Eth, and Tether.

The SnapEx platform provides traders with TradingView’s interactive charts to support trading and investment activity.

TradingView offers an extensive array of indicators and other tools to manage risk and carry out technical analysis.

For users who don’t own supported cryptocurrency, they can purchase currency using fiat.

SnapEx has some of the lowest fees in the cryptocurrency market space.

For users who don’t own supported cryptos, a user can purchase cryptos with fiat money on the OTC platform to fund the account.

SnapEx has amongst the lowest fees in the crypto marketplace. The current transaction fee rate is 0.1%, which is charged when a user opens a position. There are no additional charges for closing a position and there are no hidden transaction costs.

Additionally, traders can offset transaction fees with accumulated SNAP points.

SnapEx delivers users with a high-level security environment to protect investor assets and the platform.

SnapEx is a user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform supporting the trading of mainstream cryptocurrencies by way of derivatives contracts. In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, this gives traders the ability to go long or short with leverage of up to 150x.

For the more novice trader, the low margin and deposit requirements are also a plus. The minimum margin is just 5 USDT, with the highest margin being 300,000 USDT.

There is also a high emphasis on security, which delivers the level of safety now expected across cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on SnapEx

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