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On-chain data is a critical metric that summarizes the activity that occurs on the blockchain. Thus, this data plays a significant role in price action. Accessing this data gives traders an edge by giving them insights into how prices will move in the future – This leads to more robust trading strategies.

Given how valuable this data is, a number of platforms have appeared offering analytic insight into charts and metrics without having to deal with the blockchain. CryptoQuant is one of these, which boasts much more transparency into on-chain data than its competitors. In addition, it provides its users with a variety of tools to make your experience more manageable.

CryptoQuant was founded in 2020 in Seoul, South Korea, by Ki Young Ju.

CryptoQuant offers comprehensive data for crypto trading. It includes market data, on-chain data, and also short/long-term indicators for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins, and ERC20 tokens.

CryptoQuant features a chart overview, where users can inspect different charts and filter them according to exchanges of categories. Various metrics can be selected such as Flow Indicator, Miner Flow, and more. These metrics are available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoin, and Altcoins.

The cryptocurrency platform offers exchange flows, probably its most popular feature. The inflow segment shows the number of coins deposited into exchange wallets, while the outflow section shows the number of coins withdrawn from exchange wallets. With this in mind, if the inflow is high, selling pressure is added. Alternatively, if the outflow is high, there is buying pressure.

CryptoQuant also offers alerts to its users, which can be set up to show odd activity that may lead to sharp price movements. The notifications can be done via Telegram, email, or browser notifications.

There is a number of pricing plans available on CryptoQuant. There is a free plan, but it is hugely limited, and really should only be used if new users want to get a feel for the platform. The paid plans are reasonable, starting at $39 for the Advanced plan, $109 for the Professional plan, and $799 for the Premium plan.

While not as user-friendly as many competitors, CryptoQuant is feature-rich and will give savvy users an edge in trading.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on CryptoQuant

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