Say Goodbye to game ending setbacks like Lag, DDOS attacks, and harmful URL links in chat!

SaferNet won’t slow down your internet or gaming and won’t break the bank.

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The simple steps to achieve Privacy and Security while Gaming online should not be out of reach

When you don’t have the tools it takes to game safely online, you put yourself at risk

  • You open yourself up to hackers and DDOS attempts
  • You don’t realize all the traffic that is happening on the backend that causes your game to lag
  • Many URL links in Discord and other gaming platforms can be malicious and can link to viruses and malware
  • 75% of cyberattacks are successful but 54% go unnoticed
  • You are not aware of ever being hacked yourself, so you wrongly assume that you are safe
  • Viruses on your device can send out your private information without your knowledge
  • You have no idea who is collecting your private information or what they are doing with it

The consequences of not having the proper tools for online safety can end in tragedy.

Ineffective CyberSecurity costs you more than you realize.

Don’t sacrifice your Cybersecurity while Gaming!

All you need to do is create an account and download our App.

1 .Get Started for free for 14 days

Just hit the Get started button and choose the number of devices you would like to protect.

2. Set up your profiles

Whose devices do you want to protect and customize how they are protected. You choose.

3. Download SaferNet on each device

Most devices including Computer’s (Mac or Windows). Cell phones (iPhone or Android) Tablets, Chromebook, Kindle Fire