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Wirex is a payments app and card that allows uses to send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrency as well as conventional currencies.

Using the Wirex platform, users can make payments via the app or the payment card.

Currently, Wirex supports the major cryptocurrencies as well as a number of smaller altcoins.

Wirex also supports 16 fiat currencies that include Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Croatian Kuna, Czech Koruna, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Polish Zloty, Romanian Leu, Singapore Dollar, Swiss Franc, and U.S Dollar.

The platform supports 3 payment methods: debit and credit card and e-wallets.

Wirex was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in London. It falls under the UK’s FCA, the Bank of Lithuania, and Singapore’s MAS.

The platform supports countries across Europe and the Asia Pacific. Countries supported by Wirex include UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czeck, Slovakia, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

After launching the first cryptocurrency-enabled visa in 2018, Wirex became the first cryptocurrency-friendly Mastercard member in 2021.

Wirex has an impressive userbase of over 3.1 million customers who uses cryptocurrency and fiat interchangeably in day-to-day life.

For users looking to deposit fiat money, Wirex offers multiple deposit options including Visa and Mastercard.

Users who already own Wirex supported cryptocurrencies may transfer these to the compatible cryptocurrency wallets available on the Wirex platform.

Wirex supports users to send, receive, exchange, and spend supported crypto and fiat money. Additionally, users may earn up to 16% on crypto and fiat funds via X-Accounts.

For investors looking to exchange, Wirex enables users to exchange fiat-fiat, crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat.

Investors looking to purchase Wirex supported cryptos can either deposit already owned cryptos and exchange or deposit Wirex supported fiat currencies.

Investors can purchase supported cryptos by depositing already held cryptos or by depositing supported fiat money.

Wirex provides users and prospective users with a detailed breakdown of all relevant fees and limits. However, all fees vary depending on the region.

It is important to note that fees and limits do vary depending upon region.

Wirex has multi-tiered security, including 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and regulatory compliance.

Wirex provides customer support 24-7. Users may create a support ticket via the “Support” page and the Wirex customer support team will respond normally within minutes.

Additionally, there is also a chat box, where Wirebox Bot will look to address more standard issues.

Wirex is a simple to use platform that allows users to buy, sell, send, spend, and store fiat and crypto money.

Low fees and the Wirex Card make Wirex a go to platform for those looking to interchange and spend both fiat and crypto.

Regulated and with a strong emphasis on security, Wirex is a go-to platform for those already immersed in the crypto world and for those looking to enter into it for the first time.

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