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Vaultoro is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to exchange Bitcoin for physical gold and silver at the best possible prices. Vaultoro aims to put the ability to trade gold and silver in the hands of everyday people, as trading gold has traditionally been an activity of investment bankers in major financial cities.

Vaultoro was founded in 2016 by Joshua and Philip Scigala. The platforms physical gold is kept in a vault in Switzerland, a country known for its security and independence. Using the cryptocurrency exchange, it is possible for users to buy or sell gold bullion using their Bitcoin holdings, with the opportunity to cash out on physical gold deposits also.

Vaultoro is not a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. This matters less than it does with traditional exchanges, as Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency exchanged on the platform.

Vaultoro has made efforts to secure trader data as well as holdings of gold and bitcoin. Cold wallets are protected using multi-sig protocols, and are distributed globally. The gold, as mentioned, is kept in secure vaults in Switzerland. Vaultoro’s gold holdings are audited by audited firm BDO, which ensures that the company maintains 100% gold reserves level. This is an important distinction given that there are many shady gold-selling companies around the world that cannot prove if they really are storing users gold. Even if the company were to fail, the gold deposits are protected and traders are able to get access to all their gold holdings.

Vaultoro’s primary cryptocurrency exchange is a web-based platform, which can be accessed on desktop but it is also optimized for mobile.

Vaultoro offers two primary trading instruments, gold and bitcoin. However, the platform has also began to offer silver in recent years. Traders can buy and sell on the platform, using market orders and a limit order.

To protect users and keep transaction fast and affordable, the Vaultoro team has made the deposits and withdrawals currency of choice to be Bitcoin. This requires that the trader procures Bitcoin before this can be transferred to the Vaultoro customer wallet. Bitcoin can be purchased with fiat currency from exchanges such as Coinbase, and the Bitcoin is transferred to the customer’s BTC wallet. The customer can then transfer the BTC to the customer wallet provided by Vaultoro using the public keys that are provided. Traders on Vaultoro must take adequate precautions throughout the entire process.

It takes about one hour to confirm all Bitcoin transactions.

Vaultoro has great customer support. They are available on all socials, have an email ticketing, chat support, and a phone line – a rarity in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Vaultoro is a unique cryptocurrency exchange and its concept that allows users to acquire gold and silver using bitcoin is one of the most novel ideas in the crypto space. Not only can users purchase physical gold/silver, but it is also possible to trade BTC/Gold and BTC/Silver on the trading platform. Vaultoro is thus one of the best ways to profit from cryptocurrency volatility and an asset which can be used as a store of value.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on Vaultoro

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