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Similar to LunarCrush which we previously reviewed, Qooore is a social media aggregator that selects information from popular cryptocurrency influencers based on an AI-powered algorithm. Unlike Lunarcrush, Qooore is aimed chiefly at Gen Z, though has proven to be popular amongst younger millennials too. In their own words, Qooore hopes to be the TikTok of cryptocurrency investing.

During the pandemic, a perfect storm created new generations of investors in both the NYSE and cryptocurrency. The pandemic lead to many events occurring at once: Many were stuck at home, Fintech apps became very accessible, Crypto was undergoing a bull run, and NFTs had exploded into the crypto space. This lead many to take up day trading and get educated in both traditional stocks and options as well as cryptocurrency.

Many Gen Z’s and Millenials were hungry to get into the market but were left feeling overwhelmed with the amount of analysis and investment decision-making usually associated with trading. At this time, however, many social media influencers and social websites like Reddit were making big changes in the market by mass speculation, and plenty made a small fortune. Qooore saw their advantage here, and offered AI-powered solutions in a gamified format, side-stepping the oft-seen archaic process of analysis. In essence, it made investing as easy as a swipe.

When users open Qooore, they just need to swipe to view market news, take quizzes, and most importantly, receive investing insights provided by AI and a group of professional traders.

The results, of course, are mixed. There is no one platform that will grant you 100% wins. This is especially true in a market that is volatile by its nature. The knowledge found on Qooore is certainly decent, but again, no platform is all-knowing. Ideally, a savvy young investor would use Qooore alongside other tools to try to ensure their best possible chances of success.

Qooore has been praised for its fun and engaging interface, but the presentation is not without its problems. The information shown can only be viewed in a set order, and insights can’t be saved to be viewed later – Without taking screenshots, at least.

Some more knowledge investors claim the insights shown are too concise, also.

The educational quizzes are often a little too simple to get a good grasp of the markets too.

Qoore also offers trading of course, and allows users to copy trades from “5-Star Users”, who are placed into leaderboards

There is also some social features, like avatars and a community-based interactive system.

Overall, Qooore offers a great approach for younger investors, and is one of the few platforms trying to tap into that market.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on Qoore

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