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IntoTheBlock is a data science backed platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver information for the cryptocurrency market. Analysis tools are a key tool for any trader, and having AI in your corner can give you an edge in the market. In the last couple of years, IntoTheBlock has gained immense popularity as one of the best crypto analysis tools.

Though on-chain data is accessible to everyone globally, it can be difficult to navigate, and even more difficult to turn into serviceable metrics, graphs, and charts.

IntoTheBlock’s primary feature is its analytics. Right out the gate, users are given an overview of nearly 1000 assets’ different metrics, such as market cap, price, price change, and more. Any asset can be selected to explore various indicators and signals.

IntoTheBlock’s AI system also provides predictions regarding the forecast of price direction over the next hour. IntoTheBlock offers this feature for a number of assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. The team behind IntoTheBlock is working to add more assets regularly. These results, though simple looking for the user’s benefit, are modeled from deep-learning algorithms that IntoTheBlock built for many months.

The platform also allows its users to view indicators and metrics for DeFi tokens and coins. This contains some unique insights such as market cap, gas costs, and more.

Capital Market Insights can also be accessed on IntoTheBlock, and provides over 80 analytics that compares Bitcoin and Eth against the traditional capital market. Markets can be filtered as so:

  • Indices: eastern, western, or crypto-related.
  • Stocks: tech, finance, energy, crypto-related.
  • ETFs: tech, finance, energy.
  • Commodities: precious metals, industrial metals, energy.

There are also 7 indicators available for comparing assets which are:

  • Price Performance: This indicator compares the price fluctuations between Bitcoin, Ethereum and the selected capital markets assets.
  • Correlation Matrix: The correlation matrix provides a quick glimpse into the statistical relationship between crypto prices and traditional assets at the current moment.
  • Historical Correlation: The historical correlation indicator tracks the correlation coefficient of the price of crypto and traditional assets over time.
  • Sharpe Ratio: The Sharpe ratio is one of the most used metrics in traditional finance to assess the risk-return performance.
  • Sortino Ratio: The Sortino ratio is another highly used metric in traditional finance to assess the risk-return performance.
  • Volatility: This indicator measures the rolling 30-day volatility of crypto and traditional assets over time
  • Average Intra-Day Move: The average intra-day move metric shows volatility from a different perspective. By displaying the average move for both crypto and traditional assets, users can observe how the returns of these have varied throughout the selected time frame.

IntoTheBlock offers reasonable pricing, at $10 per month or $100 per year.

Overall, IntoTheBlock is a great platform for beginners in the space as well as expert traders. It offers fantastic tools for comparing crypto and traditional assets, and the AI engine behind the platform can truly give any trader an edge.

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