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When speaking about SQL, a query simply means a request for information. With SQL, the data requested can be modified – elements can be added, removed, and manipulated. Ethereum stores its data on its blockchain. Dune Analytics is a novel tool in that uses SQL databases to translate the on-chain data inside the blocks so that users can find information in the blockchain using SQL tools.

Of course, SQL is itself a programming language, albeit a simpler one. Though this may scare many potential users off, Dune Analytics makes the process much easier.

Dune Analytics allows users to add pre-written SQL lines and request the data they desire. Also, the cryptocurrency platform displays the information as a chart one can export, giving users a truly flexible view of the Ethereum blockchain.

Dune Analytics is extremely popular with projects using Eth tokens to display analysis from ETH blockchain as charted metrics. As such, it’s widely considered a B2B platform, but many savvy independent traders have learned how to use it to make a tidy profit.

The platform isn’t just used for querying. It also offers users features to work with and analyze the data they’ve downloaded.

Dune Analytics has a number of features.

For example, the platform allows users to create their own dashboards. However, users can choose community-made popular dashboards. There are hundreds of these, with pre-written SQL included. Upon clicking any of the displayed metrics, the code is shown, allowing a user to manipulate it any way they want.

Similar to dashboards, there are also popular SQL queries. They function the same and allow users to edit, run, and visualize some of the most popular queries on the site. Users can also add these to favorites for later use.

Dune Analytics has two plans – one is free, while the other is $390.

Dune Analytics is an incredible tool, giving users access to vast amounts of data. There is information that can be found here that other platforms simply cannot access. The visualization of data is superb, and the premade dashboards and queries aid the newcomer greatly. However, the platform has been criticized for being difficult to use, and for having a cumbersome UI. It is a powerful platform, but best used by those who know what they’re doing.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on Dune Analytics

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