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CoinMarketCal is a calendar website that uses a community-based frame for the verification of events in the cryptocurrency space. These events are added by users, and then undergo a verification process. Other users can vote up or down on the event based on the validity of the information. This model assures CoinMarketCal users that all information provided is free from bias – it is truly decentralized.

CoinMarketCal has logged over 12,000 events since it launched in 2017. Likewise, the platform has recorded over 1 million votes and featured 2700 coins.

Anyone can add new events to CoinMarketCal. To do this, you must include the sources of the new updates you are about to add as well as proofs. Other users will cross-check the details submitted as evidence to ascertain the authenticity of the new additions to CoinMarketCal’s calendar.

Below each event card is the handle of the individual responsible for uploading the information. It is important to mention here that CoinMarketCal has a reward system, which allows contributors to earn crypto for their activities on the website.

Away from CoinMarketCal’s reward system, it also incorporates a news portal where users can access the latest information relating to the crypto world. In this section, CoinMarketCal aggregates news from established news media platforms. This functionality has propelled CoinMarketCal’s status as a one-stop site to access all of the information required to stay a step ahead of the volatile crypto landscape.

Another noteworthy detail about CoinMarketCal is the availability of an API. With this feature, users can access the platform’s database and use its data for research or other commercial use. Although CoinMarketCal is free for personal use, those interested in utilizing its API, however, have to subscribe to one of its plans.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on CoinMarketCal

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