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ChangeNOW, which launched in 2017, is a cryptocurrency platform that allows its users to swap cryptocurrencies. It’s primary objective is to give users a quick and effective way to swap and exchange cryptocurrencies. ChangeNOW does not impose limits on its swaps. Due to it being a non-custodial platform, it does not store digital assets, thus protecting member data privacy.

ChangeNOW supports the majority of cryptocurrencies, with card transactions being facilitated by Simplex and Guardarian. Coinbase offers a cheaper alternative within ChangeNOW, however.

ChangeNOW provides a seamless, easy and verifiable way of exchanging currencies. It is best for traders who closely follow the market and have a huge portfolio but want to swap based on market moves. Its affordable fees and strong market presence make it a must-have.

The platform supports 350 coins and over 60 fiat currencies.

The platform offers its own wallet that is non-custodial. Users funds are stored on their own devices, no assets are stored on the platform. Account registration is replaced by email notification.

ChangeNOW also partners with other wallet service providers like Exodus, Magnum and Atomic Wallet. Hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger are the best option to hold a large number of cryptos. For storing a smaller amount of cryptocurrencies, users can make use of a Coinbase wallet or other web or software-based wallets.

ChangeNOW is known for good customer service, and issues can be resolved through email or a contact form. Tickets are usually addressed within 10-30 minutes. Help is also available through the platforms social media channels.

Not only does ChangeNOW offer services to the everyday trader, there are also a number of B2B options, including APIs and white labels. The company allows its partners to control their earnings by setting up the revenue share they want to get. ChangeNOW can also help with integrating crypto payments, asset listing, custody and liquidity.

Overall, with a seamless setup, great choice, and excellent customer service, ChangeNOW is a superb choice when looking to make exchanges.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on ChangeNOW

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