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Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2016 by a team in Prague, Czech Republic. The team previously worked on MinerGate, which contributed to the success of the exchange and attracted over a million users. Changelly offers users a fast and simple interface for buying and selling a large amount of cryptocurrencies. The strength of Changelly lies in its simplicity. Changelly is geared towards traders who want to work quickly and effectively.

Changelly has a wide array of deposit and withdrawal options when it comes to converting cryptocurrencies, but is rather limited to depositing and withdrawing fiat money. In fact, users cannot actually sell their cryptocurrencies on Changelly for fiat money, only other cryptocurrencies. Users can buy cryptocurrencies with debit or credit cards from any country in any currency, but transactions will either be in USD or Euro.

There are over 90 coins that can be bought and sold on the exchange, with the number increasing regularly.

Changelly accepts users globally, as well as accepting any currency. However, fiat will always be converted to USD or Euro.

When buying cryptocurrency through Changelly, the rates in which you buy them are not fixed rates because of cryptocurrencies’ high volatility. Therefore, Changelly always states the current rate the currency is at when you go to buy but may fluctuate slightly when your buy order actually goes through. However, Changelly always achieves the lowest possible bid when buying cryptocurrency. With that said, Changelly does offer fixed fees of only 0.5% which are clearly laid out at the time of purchase.

The exchange rate aims to achieve the lowest rate in the shortest amount of time, but this may not be the lowest rate possible. Changelly is all about speed and convenience.

The platform values privacy, and no verification is required to use the exchange. The only thing required from users is an email address.

Changelly is a very safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange backed by the team behind MinerGate. There are no verification steps required so users’ identities are kept safe. As well, a user’s cryptocurrency is not stored on the exchange but rather goes to and from their own personal cryptocurrency wallet. For added security, each users account is protected by two-factor authentication.

Protecting Your Cryptocurrency And Staying Safe on Changelly

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